1. To get started go to the "Complete Offers" section on CashCrate and you will see a list of offers that you can complete.  If you are a member from the U.S. you will have more offers available to you.
2. Simply choose the offer you want to complete by clicking on the offer's name on the left.  You can look at the description for each survey to give you a little tip on what you need to do with that survey to get credit for it.

3.The survey will open in a new window

4.You will be asked to enter valid information when doing these surveys(info that you used when you  registered at CashCrate)

5.The survey will take you through various pages where you have to check "yes" or "no", etc.  Just click on "no" or "skip" that page so you can go through the survey faster. 

6.Follow the survey through until a page comes up that says something like: "Congratulations You're Almost Done! or "Silver Offers" or "Gold Offers".  These pages usually have a bunch of extra offers or trial memberships to sign up for that require some sort of payment.

7.You DO NOT have to do anything else once you reach this page.  Just get out of the survey now by exiting out of that window.
8.You should be back at the CashCrate site now

9.THIS IS IMPORTANT: You must click on the "Submit" button on the right hand side of the offer that you have just completed 

10.You will see those earning go up into your "Pending Earnings"

 12.Now Rinse, Lather and Repeat!